Target Shortage of Hand Sanitizer Calls For Action

If you walk down the aisle of your local grocer or pharmacy, you may notice that a few shelves look a little bare. All over the country, panic related to fear of the recent coronavirus phenomenon has driven people to stock up their pantries with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Although sales in cold and flu products have escalated, many stores are unable to keep up with this sudden enthusiasm. Target, as well as other large chains, are addressing the shortages in a variety of ways.

As of this past weekend, Target is now instating a limit on the number of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and other related products. The chain will only allow for six of each product per guest.

Target is not the only store to place restrictions on the quantity of cold and flu products this spring. Kroger will only allow the purchase of up to five sanitizing items at a time.

In addition to the restriction, Target has also adjusted its protocol for its same-day delivery service, Shipt. Before, it was expected that shipments be personally delivered in the hands of customers. Shipments are now left by delivery workers on front doorsteps to avoid unnecessary exposure. Due to the inconvenience that this adjustment may present, Shipt customers received a notification of this change via email.

Little Is More

Although hand sanitizer is a crucial point of any sanitizing procedure, most individuals do not use hand sanitizer correctly. Hand sanitizer use is most efficient after the hands have already been washed. This extra step will remove any excess dirt before the sanitizing gel can finish the job. A little goes a long way with hand sanitizer as well. One milliliter of sanitizing gel is enough to cover the surface of both hands. For more tips on using hand sanitizer, click here. Next time you are drifting through your local pharmacy, remember to shop smart.