Coronavirus Continues To Strike Wuhan

One of the leading doctors in China who were trying to share awareness about the coronavirus before the massive outbreak is now dead after coming down with the illness himself.

34-year-old Li Wenliand was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital before his death. On Dec. 30, Li began warning his medical school classmates about a new virus that was contagious, resembling SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome. Though word about the deadly virus was able to spread in China, police began censoring his posts. He was also in police custody on Jan. 1 for “rumor-mongering.”

After his story came out, there was a lot of outrage in China. For a while now, citizens in the country have been upset with the government over their continuous efforts to quiet any speech that they feel threatens social stability. Many wonder if the outcome of the epidemic may be different had Li not been silenced.

Many believe that the Wuhan government owe Li an apology.

Coronavirus Kills Doctor Who Was Trying To Warn About The Virus

After he was first released from the hospital during the first week of January, he went right back to work. Patients, at the time, were flooding the hospitals in Wuhan.

His first coughing fit began Jan. 10. He was sure to keep up with his social media followers about his condition. A week ago, he was able to confirm that the test came back positive for him having coronavirus.

Unfortunately, his final days were spent in Wuhan Central’s intensive-care unit. While there, he was able to share how he was trying to warn people about the virus as well as his ordeal with the police. Though he was going through so much before his death, his presence on social media was upbeat. He was hoping to beat the illness and return to helping others.