New Virus Taking The lives of Many In China

In China, there is a new virus being spread that has left at least six people dead. Over 300 people are sick with the disease as it can spread from human to human.

The new virus, coronavirus, came to officials’ attention on Tuesday in Wuhan, the central Chinese city in which the virus was first detected. Due to the new virus and how it is spread, upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations are now canceled.

The contagion is so bad that there is a ban on tour agencies taking groups out of the city. Also, there is an increase in screening areas in public places. Traffic police will also be conducting spot checks on private vehicles that are coming in and out of the city. They are looking for live poultry or wile animals since the new virus has links to seafood and live animal markets.

New Virus Wreaking Havoc on Those In China

In the next week, there will be hundreds of Chinese people traveling the country and overseas. They are preparing for the Lunar New Year break. However, with the new virus going around, there are many concerns.

The infections first came about in mid-December in Wuhan. It wasn’t until January 14 that infrared temperature screening areas were made available. China’s National Health Commission was able to announce on Tuesday that there were 291 confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus. However, by the end of the day, there were 77 more cases.

Two hundred seventy cases come from the province of Hubei, ten are from Beijing, and 14 are from the Guangdong province. Shanghai has six cases while Zhejiang has five, and Tianjin has two.

By Tuesday evening, the death toll from the new virus was at 6. Currently, the youngest person with the infection is 15 and comes out of Wuhan city.