HotDoggers Wanted! Oscar Mayer Is Hiring

Calling all college students or anyone looking for a job outside of the norm. Oscar Mayer is looking for “Hotdoggers” or Weinermobile pilots. However, the company is only taking applications from those that they feel are professional, and will take on the roles with pride. The new pilots will be the new faces of Hotdoggers all around the world.

So, you may be asking yourself what happens if they deem you qualified? Well, Oscar Mayer will allow you to spend the year crisscrossing the country in their world-famous Wienermobile. As with any company, there’s training, of course.

The first two weeks will insist on you spending time at Hot Dog High. Hot Dog High is a two-week training program that consists of vigorous, sweat perfusing work — just kidding. Applicants will utilize the time to choose an appropriate Hottdogger nickname as well as learning family-friendly hot dog puns. The future wiener pilots will spend a cast amount of time mastering the ways of the Wienermobile so that they can maneuver the 27-foot hotdog throughout the country.

Hotdoggers For Oscar Mayer

There is more to being a Hotdogger than driving those fancy cars. If anything, the role ends up being more of a brand ambassador. If they choose you, you can expect to make appearances on TV, radio, grocery store event, and charity functions. Wherever they may need a Weinmobile, you will be there.

Now, Oscar Mayer isn’t going to choose any random Joe for the position. Last year alone, thousands and thousands of people sent in applications for one of 12 positions available. The job is so exclusive the company says that more people have been to outer space than have been Hotdoggers. However, if you believe in your heart of hearts that you were meant for this job, then go ahead and submit your application: good luck, and God speed.