Colby Covington May Be Out UFC Until 2020

During his fight against Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington suffered a broken jaw, losing during the fifth round at UFC 245 last weekend. He may be out of the ring for at least six months.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission was able to release a statement on Convington’s condition. It’s looking that Colby will have a lengthy suspension due to his injuries. According to doctors, Colby Covington will have to have clearance from an oral. Even a maxillofacial surgeon, or he won’t be able to fight until June 12, 2020. With his jaw in its current state, he wouldn’t be ready to fight until Feb 13, 2020, since he doesn’t have a contract.

The injury came about more than likely during the third round. A replay was able to show punches connecting made his head snap and swivel. After returning to his corner, he was telling his coaches that it was feeling as though his jaw was broke.

Colby Covington Has Long Road Of Recovery Ahead

After the fight, an ambulance was able to bring Colby Covington to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment. There weren’t any fractures in the first scan; however, the secondary look was able to reveal that his jaw was broke.

Unfortunately, Usman is facing a similar suspension. He has to have an X-ray done on his left thumb. It comes back positive; he will have to receive clearance from an orthopedic doctor. If not, he can’t fight until June 12, 2020. Early in the fight, Usman was using his left hand more so than his right after connecting a punch to Colby Covington’s face.

Alexander Volkanovski, the New UFC featherweight champion, joins both Covington and Usman on the list of athletes who may have a six-month suspension following his victory over Max Holloway. They will have to conduct a scan of Volkanovkski’s right hand, or he will be out until June 12, 2020, as well.