Fish Antibiotics Taking Over For Real Ones

There is a new study out that indicates that some people are buying fish antibiotics online. They are using them for their ailments. The reason people are going for the fishy treatments is due to them being cheaper than going to the doctor for a prescription.

Those at the University of South Carolina were able to conduct an online review on 34 different websites. All of them sell nine kinds of fish antibiotics. Out of almost 2,300 reviews, 55 reviews were able to indicate that they were using the fish antibiotics for human use. Now, that may not be a large number. However, these reviews in question had the most likes than the typical user.

The team also found at least one retailer who assured customers that the antibiotics were fine to use in people, in response to a question.

Information on the research came about on Wednesday during the midyear clinical meeting. The meeting was for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

Fish Antibiotics Sweeping The Nation

According to the author of the study, Brandon Bookstaver, the consumption of fish antibiotics is at the lower end. However, the fact that humans will consume an antibiotic for animals is a red flag.

It is unclear why people are taking the fish drugs. However, fish antibiotics are not as regulated as antibiotics for people, livestock or cats and dogs.

When it comes to the price, they are cheaper then the human version. During the study, they were able to conclude that a bottle of 30 capsules of 500 milligrams of amoxicillin is $8.99. However, a bottle of the same quantity at Rite can run as high as $32. Now, these numbers don’t include the price of doctor visits.

When it comes to the fish antibiotics, they don’t function too differently from the version on can receive from a doctor. However, due to them not being regulated, any and everything can be in the capsules. Also, the labels may not be telling the truth.