Criss Angel’s Son’s Cancer Is Back

Criss Angel sadly gave his audience a sad update on his 5-year-old son, who is currently battling cancer. According to his statement, there was confirmation that his 5-year-old Johnny Crisstopher’s cancer is in relapse. He has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He said that though they were devastated, they trust that he will be in remission soon. 

According to Criss Angel, he will continue to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. He and his camp are in the middle of working on a massive event in the upcoming year. They are doing so to support their foundation. Criss Angel and his camp run The Johnny Crisstopher Children’s Charitable Foundation. More details on the event will be available soon.

In a video made available by TMZ, Angel was announcing for the first time that his son had cancer. Johnny’s diagnosis came about in October of 2015. However, his son was in remission in June of 2016.

Criss Angel’s son, Johnny Crisstopher, Is Back In The Hospital Battling Cancer

Criss Angel was saying to TMZ that his son’s pediatric cancer diagnosis came about before he was two. Since three, he’s been receiving treatment and was in remission. However, his cancer came back, and he is now in the hospital.

There will be another charity event by Chriss in Las Vegas next year in an effort to raise money for other children with pediatric cancer. His goal is to raise $5 million. Currently, he is enjoying his time with his son.

Many know Criss Angel for his amazing magic tricks, as well as his previous residency in Las Vegas. For a while, he had a long-running show Mind Freak in which he was going around Las Vegas blowing people’s minds with his tricks. On one of his Instagram posts, he was able to share a beautiful video of him and his son telling each other that they love one another.