Mexican Drug Cartels Taking Over Country

There was a standoff on Saturday between the police and Mexican drug cartels, leaving four officers and almost two dozen others dead. The incident happened only days after President Trump was saying that he was going to designate Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations.

Around noon, gunshots were going off in the small town of Villa Union, which is not too far, about an hour away from Eagle Pass, Texas. Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme was able to confirm to the media that the four officers were a part of the initial confrontation. Also, several municipal workers are missing. However, members of the Coahuila state government were able to kill seven more members of the gang.

Mexican cartel members were able to storm the town of 3,000 in trucks, attacking government officials on the way.

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Currently Taking Over Mexico, States Are In Panic As They Lose Control

According to Riquelme, the state was doing everything imaginable to take back the town. Numerous videos on social media show burning vehicles as well as the Villa Union’s municipal office with bullet hole marks. There was a black pock truck with C.D.N written in white on its door in the middle of a street. C.D.N. stands for Cartel of the Northeast.

Riquelme says that police were able to identify 14 vehicles and seize over a dozen guns from the attack. Security forces were able to kill three shooters during the initial pursuit of gang members.

Security forces will remain in the town for several days to help restore peace to the city. In 2011, in a city only 12 miles away, there was a cartel massacre where 70 government officials died. According to the government of Coahuila, no more of these group members will be able to enter the state territory.