Caustic Soda Burn 51 Small Chinese Children

Fifty-one small children and three of their teachers in southwest China were seriously injured. A man attacked them purposely with a corrosive chemical, caustic soda, burning their skin.

According to Xinhua, a state-run news agency, a 23-year-old man by the surname of Kong was able to climb his way into the school. The school’s location is in Kaiyuan city, in the province of Yunnan. On Monday morning, she sprayed an entire classroom of students as well as their teachers with caustic soda. It was a terrible event, traumatizing all involved.

Though two people from the incident are seriously hurt, there are not any life-threatening injuries when it comes to the other students. Everyone was able to receive medical attention.

Caustic Soda Leaves 51 Children With Burns

An hour after the attack, officials were able to detain the suspect. According to reports from Xinhua, the spraying was a revenge act on society. Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, is a product in numerous manufacturing products such as soap, papers, and different dyes.

Reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that exposure to caustic soda can have many effects. Many include irritating the eyes, burning the eyes and skin, temporary hair loss, and causing an allergic reaction.

The incident on Monday was not the first of it’s kind to happen in China. A woman wielding a kitchen knife was able to slash at least 14 children. They were in a kindergarten class during October of 2018. The incident took place in the central city of Chongqing.

In April of the same year, a 28-year-old man, who was later sentenced to death, was the killer of nine students at a middle school in Shaanxi province.

It doesn’t stop there. 11 students were injured after a man was able to climb over a will of a kindergarten class. He then began to attack the students.