Foot Pain Lands Woman In The Hospital

Sierra Henderson is a young mother who was suffering from foot pain and a bad taste in her mouth. She’s a newlywed with an 18-month-old baby. However, after going to urgent care, she found out that he had a sinus infection. Unfortunately, things were only going to become worse.

Now, Henderson has been at a local hospital, spending her days on a ventilator. Her ending diagnosis is Guillain-Barre disease. The disease is rare and causes one’s immune system to attack their nerves.

Henderson’s brother, Tim Goen, says that she went to doctor with foot pain, but came out with a terrible sinus infection. He was telling reporters that he was happy that his sister was listening to her body. After seeing the neurologist, he was able to diagnose her right away.

Foot Pains Leaves Woman With Guillain-Barre Syndrome

According to the doctor, Guillain-Barre comes about sometimes after people have some form of infection attacking their body. Some of the first symptoms are weakness and tingling in the body. Then, these sensations spread, paralyzing ones’ entire body. Her brother says that their family thought that his sister was going to have to learn how to walk and talk again. However, rehab will be working with her on walking. As of now, she can speak, but with the ventilator, her voice sounds scratchy.

With treatment, Henderson will get better over time; however, things could have been a lot worse had she not be persistent. In an interview, Goen was saying that her diagnosis was able to open his eyes to the seriousness of checking your health. He says that his sister may not be here now if she didn’t listen to herself.

Henderson is now in the progressive care unit after being in ICU. Though she has a long road to recovery ahead of her, her spirits are up, and she’s remaining positive.

To help support Henderson and her family during these trying times, visit her Go Fund Me Page.