Santa Anita Park Losing Horses To Death

Over the weekend, veterinarians had to euthanize two horses due to injuries while at Santa Anita Park. So far, there have been 36 horse deaths out of South Carolina. G Q Covergirl had to be euthanized after sustaining injuries to both of her front legs. She was 6-years old.

Unfortunately, both of the deaths came only days before the Santa Anita Park’s hosting of the 2019 Breeders’ Cup World Championships. However, critics are calling for the race to go on somewhere else. Craig Fravel, the CEO of the Breeders’ Cup, was saying in an interview that there was a reason behind not changing the venue. He believes that when people are trying to do the right thing, you stick with them.

For most of March, there weren’t many races going on at the Los Angeles County track. That was during the deaths of nearly two dozen horses. They were able to reopen the racetrack later in March. According to the park, they were able to make many changes, including limiting the use of anti-inflammatory or pain medicines for the horses. They were also increasing the times that that horses were racing.

Santa Anita Race Track Sees Rise In Horse Deaths

However, there have been more horse deaths since the parks reopening. Advocates for the abolition of horse racing are using the death of these horses in their case.

Currently, there is a petition online calling for the closing of the Santa Anita Park. The petition has 130,000 signatures so far.

The executive director of the California Horse Racing Board, Rick Baedeker, was able to speak with NPR in March. He was expressing his concerns with the high number of deaths.

During the interview, he was saying that within a short period of time, there have been numerous losses. And though the alarm bells in everyone at track’s minds were going off, they have never done through anything such as this.