Abortion Now Legal In Northern Ireland

Abortion and same-sex marriage became legal in Northern Italy on Tuesday, a historic shift for a territory that typically conservative. What made the changes even more controversial was the fact that the changes came from lawmakers in London.

When it comes to Northern Ireland, they have had some of the most restrictive abortion laws. The only allowance of the procedure was for if a woman was at risk of losing her life. Women in the territory could receive prison time for getting an abortion, or even seeking one out. Those providing information or conducting the procedure could receive charges as well.

Women In Northern Ireland Can Legally Have An Abortion

So for generations, women from Northern Ireland have had to travel all over to have an abortion. However, more recently, women were obtaining pills over the internet to induce abortions.

Now, they will be dropping all prosecutions, including one against a mother who purchased abortion pills for her daughter who was 15 at the time. By the beginning of 2020, free and legal abortion expenses will be available in Northern Ireland. So, until then, the UK will cover the expenses for anyone traveling to receive the procedure. There will also be medical support for anyone in need after terminating with pills.

Beginning in February of 2020, same-sex couples will be able to marry one another. Shane Sweeney, of Love Equality, was speaking during a news conference about being able to marry Eoin McCabe, his partner.

Sweeney was saying that today means the world to him. He says that him and those in the community only want to have the same rights as everyone.

People have been able to have an abortion in the UK since 1967. However, it has never been allowed in Northern Ireland. Women’s rights became the talk of the May 2018 referendum.