Katy Perry & “Dark Horse” Collaborators File Suit

Katy Perry, Capitol Records, and those who helped collaborate on the song “Dark Horse” have filed an appeal. The appeal was on the verdict against them in a case of plagiarism. The artist who won the case is Marcus Gray, a.k.a. Flame. The judgment found that Perry and her team copied certain aspects of their 2013 song from a 2008 Christian rap song. They are liable for paying $2.78 million in punitive damages.

Katy Perry And Collaborators Appealing Case Against “Dark Horse”

However, on October 9th, Katy Perry and her team filed the appeal in California. The defendants are wanting the courts to either overturn the original verdict or grant them a completely new trial. With that in mind, in the suit, it states that the verdict was a grave miscarriage of justice. Also, that erroneous verdicts, such as this case, present serious harm to music creators and the industry as a whole.

However, the appeal notes that Gray’s song ” Joyful Noise” didn’t have a lot of exposure. They claim that most of its play was at Christian venues. In their claims, they state that the song was not as popular as Gray claims it to be and that there was no way to prove that Katy Perry or the other collaborators were searching for the song.

A nine-member jury in Los Angeles found that Perry’s 2013 hit single copied “Joyful Noise” improperly. However, those in the verdict include Perry, Producers and songwriters, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Cirkut, Sarah Hudson, and Juicy J. Also, in the verdict, were Capitol Records, Kobalt Publish and Kasz Money. Gray and Emanuel Lambert and Chike Ojukwuhis, his collaborators, were the ones to file the suit. In 2014, they filed the lawsuit alleging that Perry’s song stole the memorable beat from their song, “Joyful Noise.”

As of now, there are no more updates on the suit or comments from reps of Katy Perry or Capitol Records.