Scabies Outbreak In Town Leaves Students Itchy

Talk about being itchy! Out in the Radnor Township School district, there was an outbreak of scabies. The outbreak was affecting a lot of the students in the area. So far, there have been reports of seventeen cases of the itchy and contagious condition. According to school officials, most of the cases came from the middle school. However, they were able to confirm cases in elementary school, as well.

As of now, there aren’t any aren’t any reports of scabies coming from the high school.

The district’s director for human resources, Todd Stitzel, was able to send out an email to parents regarding the situation.“We wanted to make our entire district community aware of this situation to ensure you are alert to the signs and symptoms, and to recommend you consult your family health-care provider should you or your child(ren) present symptoms.” He was able to send out the mass email last Friday to parents informing them of the outbreak.

Scabies Outbreak In Pennsylvania Town Has Everyone Itching

Michael Petitti, a spokesperson for the district, says that custodians were able to sanitize the restrooms as thoroughly wipe down desks, They also wipe down door handles and mop nightly as well as clean the cafeteria tables after each lunch is over.

“As an extra precautionary measure, our custodians are taking special care to treat common surfaces in classrooms of the affected schools,” Petitti added.

Scabies comes about after mites burrow under ones’ skin and lay their eggs. Symptoms of the condition are intense itching, which may become worse overnight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also says that blisters and pimples may come about. Areas such as between fingers, wrists, armpits, elbows, the waist, buttocks, shoulders, and genitals can develop the itchy bumps. When babies or very young children contract scabies, it affects their head, neck, soles of feet, and their palms.