Steph Curry Looks Forward To The Olympics

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors says that he will play for Team USA during the Olympic Games next summer in Tokyo. During an interview with ESPN, he was saying that he’s down to play as long as nothing such as injuries interfere.

Playing in the Olympic Games would be a first for Steph Curry, and he is looking forward to partaking in the games. During the FIBA World Cup, Team USA came in seventh place, a new low for the country. The team was full players who came together last minute after multiple high-profile players backed out last minute.

It was an embarrassing finish for the basketball team. Jerry Colangelo, the managing director, says that he will remember the players that did not show up for the game. With Curry putting his name in the hat, it gives us hope that more American superstars will join the team.

Steph Curry Look Forward To Playing For Team USA During The Next Olympics

Curry is confident that America can still remain number when it comes to basketball at the Olympics. One player who plans on being a part of Team USA was Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.

There was a massive roster reconstruction after Kevin Durant chose the Brooklyn Nets as his new team home. However, Curry isn’t sad about the change. Though he wishes he still could play ith Durant, he respects his decision. Curry says that the two were able to accomplish a lot together. However, change is inevitable. Steph wishes his friend the best and hopes for a great recovery before coming back on to the court.

Though Steph Curry didn’t find out about Durant’s decision until he flew out to New York, he wasn’t upset. He says there was never an expectation that he would automatically sign with the Warriors. Also, as a grown man, there was no need for him to call anybody and let them know beforehand.