Allergy Leads To Young Man’s Death

For his 18th birthday, Owen Carey chose a burger joint in his London town to celebrate. The restaurant in question was the River Thames. He did not know he was going to succumb to an allergy.

Instead of a burger, Owen chose the grilled chicken breast. As a caution, the staff at this specific restaurant was notified of his dairy allergy. However, he was happy about his decision. There was no mention of the chicken being marinated in buttermilk.

He was able to get through a few bites before his lips began to tingle. Then his stomach began to churn. After leaving the restaurant, he collapsed outside the London eye and died at a nearby hospital.

Carey’s family was angry about the incident in back in 2017 and did their best searching for answers. However, on Friday, the family was able to receive answers while in court.

Allergy To Milk Causes One Young Man In London To Die

The cause of Owen’s death was severe, food-induced anaphylaxis. Friends of Owen were abe to recollect him alerting the staff of his allergies.

According to the coroner, the menu was reassuring to the fact that there was no reference to any marinade or potential allergens.
His family believes that there should be more prominent labeling on menus at every restaurant. With servers dealing with many tables at once, it’s easy for them to forget who said what. Also, that it is costing people their lives.

Simon Wilkinson, Byron chief executive, was able to say that his restaurants have robust procedures when it comes with patrons with allergies. However, he did not challenge the circumstances of surrounding Carey’s death.

“It is a matter of great regret and sadness that our high standards of communicating with our customers were not met during Owen’s visit,” Wilkinson said on Friday.

According to the family’s attorney, the allergy information on the menu was in very small black font. Also, it was at the bottom of the menu with a royal black background. Their online menus now not only has a disclaimer but also references the buttermilk marinade for the chicken.