Beer In England Costs One Man $68k

Many folks around the world enjoy themselves a nice beer every once in a while. However, one man from Australia paid a bit more than what he bargained for. While visiting Manchester, the man was wrongfully charged $68,478 for a single beer while out with his friends.

Peter Lalor, the man in question, was at the bar in the Malmaison hotel when chose to order a Deuchard IPA. The price for the beer is $6.75; however, it ended up costing Lalor way more.

Lalor, who is a cricket writer The Australian, was in town to cover The Ashes competition. Everything was until the waitress came back with his bill.

According to the writer, he did not have his reading glasses with him at the bar. The bartender gave Lalor the receipt for his beer, and Lalor didn’t question the bartender about having issues ringing up the bill.

Single Beer At A Bar Leaves Man Finances “In The Hole”

However, he says his “sixth sense” went off. According to reports fro the BBC, the man was in a daze after hearing that he had been charged an enormous sum of money for his single beer.

While speaking with the BBC, Lalor was saying most Australians think that England’s beer is on the more expensive side. But paying almost $70,000 for one beer is astronomical.

A few days later, Lalor’s wife called to inform her husband about that the overpayment that the bank was sure to take from their account. There was also a $1,711 transaction charge.

Lalor was quick to Tweet about the incident on his Twitter page. He was sure to note that he has been in communication with the hotel and Visa to remove the charge. Unfortunately, it will take nine business days for the refund. He says that in the meantime, there is a massive hole in his finance.