Carmel Family To Sue Juul Over Teens Addiction

A family from Carmel, Indiana, is taking legal action against Juul. They accuse the company of misleading and fueling his addiction to nicotine.

According to the family, the teen’s addiction to Juul e-cigarettes began when he was a high school freshman in 2015. They say that his brain is now altered physically and chemically. Also, he is at risk for lifelong health problems.

In the suit, it claims that the teen is anxious, highly irritable, and stays to himself. However, Juul believes that the lawsuit holds no merit and plan to defend themselves in court.

Earlier this year, the CDC came out with a report finding that almost 21 percent of high school students were using vaporizers in 2018. However, the legal age to buy tobacco and e-cigarette liquids is 18.

Jerome Adams, U.S. Surgeon General, was warning parents, teachers, government officials, and health officials about taking aggressive action to keep children away from the e-cigs.

Family Carmel, Indiana Suing Company Over Teen’s Nicotine Addiction

However, Juul says that their e-cigarettes are meant for adults, not minors. In a statement, the company was saying that they strongly advocate for Tobacco 21 legislation. According to those at Juul, their retailer compliance program is stronger than ever after having more than 2,000 secret shoppers frequent stores monthly. Also, they no longer have Facebook or Instagram accounts as a means to remove inappropriate social media content.

Be that as it may, the Carmel family says that their packaging, pods, and advertising do not warn against the dangers of nicotine. IN their suit, they are looking to gain compensatory and punitive damages. Though Danielle Patterson is the State Government Relations Director for the American Heart Association, she has no connection to the case. However, in a statement, she says that this teen and his family are one of millions facing the same travesties.

According to Patterson, there are too many young people with an addiction to tobacco products. Also, they don’t realize the danger that comes with using e-cigarettes.