Olive Garden Offering Lifetime Pasta Passes

Fifty lucky fans of Olive Garden will have the opportunity to purchase for the first time ever a Lifetime Pasta Pass. They will only be able to purchase the passes during the Never Ending Pasta promotion this year.

The announcement came about from the executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden, Jennifer Arguello. According to Arguello, many know the company for its Italian Generosity. Also, for making people from all walks of life feel like family. With that in mind, that it is why they began the Pasta Pass five years ago. However, according to Arguello, the company is very excited to be a part of their fans’ memories for many years to come.

The Lifetime Pasta Passes are precisely what they sound like. The passes will entitle 50 lucky people to unlimited pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks for the rest of their lives.

Olive Garden Lovers Will Have The Chance To Enjoy Their Favorite Restaurant For Free For Life!

Here’s the kicker, the passes will on be available for those with the quickest of fingers. On August 15 at 2 pm EST sharp, the Never Ending Pasta Passes will be up for grabs at www.PastaPass.com for $100(plus tax) for only 30 minutes or once they are all out. The first 50 people to fully complete their transaction will then have the opportunity to opt-in for the Lifetime Pasta Passes. The cost for the Passes is an extra $400, plus tax.

Those who choose the Lifetime passes will receive a notification the next day as to whether or not they qualify. If they do, they can finish the rest of their transaction.

Press release estimates that the pass will be paid off by the time a person receives their 45th bowl.

However, the remaining 23,950 recipients of the regular Pasta Passes will have nine weeks of unlimited pasta, soup, and breadsticks. The company encourages those looking for the Lifetime Passes to visit the website early and join the waiting room.