Georgia Woman Face Charges Over HIV Claim

A Georgia woman is looking to be facing some serious charges after posting an incriminating video of herself online. In the video, she was telling viewers that she was HIV positive and that she was infecting people on purpose. However, after police were able to get their hands on the footage, she said that it wasn’t true.

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter, the woman in question, posted the video which lasts about a minute on to Facebook last week. In the video, she details her alleged sexual encounters with a number of people. She was claiming to have infected the victims with the rare disease that once contracted, attacks the immune system.

As the video goes on, she lists the names of the men as well as their wives and girlfriends. The Georgia woman then goes on to brag about how she was getting revenge on them. On Tuesday, investigators interviewed Lasiter about the situation. People were forwarding links of the footage to local police stations out of concern.

Georiga Woman Face Jail Time Over HIV Facebook Rant

According to the Georgia woman, she does not have HIV. During the interview, she was saying she chose to post the video because he was angry with the men she was naming.

Lasiter was able to provide documentation from a blood test from September of 2018 showing that she was HIV-positive. Police say that she also submitted herself to a new blood test to prove she did not have the virus.

Chief Mark Scott of the Americus Police says that the department is currently waiting for the result of her tests. In doing so will reveal whether or not what, if any charges may come her way. However, there one man who was one of the Georgia woman’s former suiters has filed a communication harassment complaint against the woman. In Georgia, knowingly spreading HIV to someone is a felony.