Pizza Chains And Third-Party Delivery

Over the past couple of years, there has been an abundance of delivery services to come about, including Uber Eats and Door Dash. However, these companies are taking money from companies that have their own delivery, such as Domino’s pizza.

According to CEO Richard Allison, sales from the pizza chain have been suffering due to third-party aggregators. During a phone call with analysts, he was saying that the companies continue to add on the pressure. With that in mind, Mr. Allison does not expect activity within the company to ease during the next term.

However, for many years, when it came to having food delivered, pizza was the go-to. But now that restaurants are working with third-party vendors, fast-food and fast-casual chains are able to deliver as well. Doing so makes for extra competition for pizzerias. Also, these third-party delivery services are always giving out coupons to lure in more customers.

Pizza Chains Are Uping The Anty When It Comes To Delivering Their Pies

As a means to combat the competition, Domino’s will soon offer a more tech-savvy delivery service. Before the end of the year, they plan to roll out a new GPS tracking system that will let customers track their orders in realtime. Also, it will alert them when their orders are two minutes away. The company began testing out the new technology during the spring.

Domino’s is also revving up their sales the best they can by adding new locations. During the second quarter of the year alone, the company was able to open 200 new stores. Forty-two of the stores are here in the states. Currently, the chain has less locations than rivals Pizza Hut, which have over 18,000 locations around the globe. By 2028, Domino’s plans to add another 2,350 stores here in the states.