Toddler Falls to Her Death on Cruise Ship

An American toddler died after falling 150 feet. She fell from the 11th floor of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The victim is a 1-year-old girl from Granger, Ind. She was traveling with both of her parents and two siblings. Also, both sets of grandparents were aboard the Freedom of the Seas. The ship had just returned to port in San Juan, Puerto Rico, following a weeklong trip through the Caribbean.

Salvatore Anello, the toddler’ maternal grandfather, was reportedly playfully dangling the child from one of the ship’s port-side windows when he lost his grasp. This sent the girl plummeting into an awning before landing on the concrete dock below.

Grandfather Accidentally Drops Toddler Off Of Cruise Ship

Elmer Román, an official with the Puerto Rican Department of Public Security, spoke about the situation. Román says it was a very grave scene, very regrettable and tragic. He recalls that one of the grandfathers, whom it would appear was playing with the little girl. He then lifted her out of the open window and lost his grip.”

A witness who was aboard the Freedom of the Seas at the time of the incident describes the tragedy to Telemundo Puerto Rico.

The tourist states they looked because of the mother’s cry. The tonality, the scream of the pain of that nature, does not compare with any other shout, according to the witness.

The captain of the ship reportedly made an announcement over the boat’s loudspeaker offering condolences to the victim’s family later that day. He also informed passengers that the cruise would be departing with delay.

CBS News reports the ship eventually left San Juan on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. to begin a seven-day cruise around the Caribbean islands, with its next scheduled stop in St. Maarten on Monday morning.

The victim’s family are remaining in the U.S. territory while the girl’s death is under investigation according to Police Sgt. Nelson Sotelo.