DeMarcus Cousins Possibly Without A Team

DeMarcus Cousins was looking to receive a big payday two seasons ago. However, at the time, the two-time All-NBA center was in the midst of another All-Star campaign with an expiring contract. After tearing his Achilles tendon in January of 2018, he was out most of the year.

However, Cousins chose to opt-out of a long-term max deal. Instead, he signed a $5.3 million on a mid-level exception deal with the Golden State Warriors. Doing so gave the young NBA player a chance to win a championship. It also gave him the opportunity to prove that his game wasn’t off after the Achilles injury.

DeMarcus Cousins On The Hunt For New Team

Not only did the Warriors lose to the Toronto Raptors during the NBA Finals, but DeMarcus Cousins also injured one of his quads during the playoffs. Though he was able to come back during the Finals, he wasn’t able to make too many good impressions.

Now, DeMarcus is a free agent, and there seems to be no new deal coming his way. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, a reporter for ESPN, he may not be able to find a deal. Well as good as the one he had with the Warriors, that is.

Wojnarowski thinks that there is a possibility that both the Los Angles Lakers or the Clippers will strike out trying to pursuit Kawhi Leonard. In doing so will leave cap space for both teams. However, it’s looking like neither time has their hands out for Cousins.

Many speculate that it would be better for DeMarcus to sign a small, one year deal with any team willing to look past his injuries. Doing so will put Cousins not far from where he was last season.

The big difference, though, would be that he would now have the opportunity to utilize an entire season to prove he has what it takes.
Though it’s not the best news for DeMarcus, it’s better then him sitting out for another season.