Cake Eating Ban Woman From Walmart

Due to being a supercenter, Walmart is in the news a lot. If it’s about its competition against megastores such as Amazon, it’s about someone something unusual occurring at the store. Well, this article happens to be on the latter end. One Texas woman is now banned from the store, for trying to have her cake, and eat it too!

Police say that the woman had eaten half a cake while in the store, and chose to not pay for for the missing portion of the cake.

A little after 8:00 p.m., Witchita Fall Police received a call from the Walmart on Greenbriar Road. Officials say that a woman was walking around the store eating the cake. However, she was refusing to pay the full price for the cake. Spokesman Officer Jeff Hughes from the Department says that she was not in compliance with the store’s regulations.

Woman Refusing To Pay Full Price For Cake She Half Ate Receives Ban From Walmart

The woman, who Walmart chooses not to name, came to the bakery section of the store and began eating half of the delicious treat. As she was eating the cake, she was also browsing the aisles of Walmart. After proceeding to the register, the woman began to demand to only pay half price for the cake because there was only half left. Though she agrees, as everyone else could easily see, she did eat the missing half of the confection, she refused to pay for her extra efforts.

However, before ending up in a jail cell, she paid for the whole cake before exiting the premises. She can no longer go back to that Walmart location.

There was another incident at a different Witchita Falls Walmart earlier this year prompting a ban. A woman was riding around in their parking lot in an electric cart while drinking wine from a Pringles can.