David Ortiz Doing Better After Being Shot

According to his wife, David Ortiz is in more stable of a condition, and he continues to heal at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Tiffany Ortiz says that doctors are saying her husband’s current state is good.

There was a statement released on behalf of the Boston Red Sox and Tiffany Ortiz. In the report, it was saying that they were all grateful for the help coming Ortiz’s way after the incident. They have been receiving support from both the Dominican Republic as well as those in Boston. According to the statement, all around the world, people are expressing their love for David as he continues to get better. They go on to thank everyone for their support during these troublesome times.

Born November 18, 1975, David Américo Ortiz Arias was born in The Dominican Republic. However, a lot of fans know him by the nickname Big Papi. He has been a player for the Major League Baseball organization for 20 seasons. He ha been playing with the Boston Red Sox for most of his seasons.

David Ortiz Doing Better After Shooting In The Dominican Republic

On June 9, David Ortiz was in the Dominican Republic during a shooting in which he was the target. Also, authorities were able to identify the man who they believe was paying for a hitman to kill the baseball sensation.

Currently, Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota is the fugitive in custody.

So far, authorities have been able to detain 11 people in the case. One of those suspects is Franklin Junior Mean, who officials were able to bring into custody on Tuesday.

According to reports, officials believe that Meran is the person of interest in the case who was able to rent one of the cars that were a part of the shooting. Police say that the person who orchestrated the shooting was offering 400,000 Dominican pesos or around $7,800 to kill Oritz.

On Wednesday there will be a news conference about the situation in the Dominican Republic. They will be speaking on new details in association with the case involving David Ortiz.