Cashier-Free Stores By Amazon

Amazon has opened its second cashier-free store in New York City. The company, which does most of its business online, was able to open their Go store on Tuesday on Manhattan’s Park Avenue.

Their other location is at the Brookfield Place shopping center within Manhattan’s Battery Park City neighborhood. The first location came to be earlier in May.

According to Cameron Janes, Amazon’s vice president of physical stores, there has been positive reception at the Brookfield Place location. With that in mind, the company says that they were ready to open another store as soon as possible.

The store offers various snacks that they consider to be “local favorites.” There is even a self-service Starbucks coffee bar. It contains stacks of the chain’s standard coffee roasts as well as 12 different espresso drinks.

Cashier-Free Amazon GO Store Opens Up In Manhattan

Customers also have the option of making their own lattes, Café Americanos and mochas. According to Janes, they chose to partner with Starbucks as a means to ensure their coffee was great.

Though the store will remain cashier-free, those wanting to pay with cash can use their mobile device to find an Amazon employee. The reason for the new feature is due to complaints of the company “discriminating” against those who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards.

However, other shoppers can just walk out because there is technology in the store that scans their Amazon app and charges them for their items.

Currently, the Park Avenue location is the 13th Go store by Amazon within the US. Most of the stores are out on the West Coast. Their 14th location will open in San Francisco in the near future.

As of now, there is not any information on how many cashier-free stores will open from Amazon. However, there are reports indicating that the company expects to open around 3,000 locations. However, Janes says that the company will continue to do research on where more stores will be available.