Old Town Road Sparks Life In One Young Man

The song “Old Town Road” has been making its rounds on radio stations for months now, and has been the cause for controversy in the Country Music community. Many believe that with its “hip-hop” undertones, the song does not belong in the category. However, many disagree. Well, for one Minnesota family, the song was a miracle.

According to members of the family, the popular country-rap song was able to spark something within a mostly nonverbal, autistic young boy,

Sheletta Brundige, the mother of 4-year old Daniel, made a post last week saying that her son was humming along to “Old Town Road,” by Lil Nas X and featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Out of nowhere, something spectacular occurred. She says that at first, he was only humming the song. Next thing she knows, he began to say the words of the song. According to Sheletta, in his entire life, the young man has only uttered three to four words.

“Old Town Road” Helps Young Autistic Boy Speak

Hearing her young on singing along to “Old Time Road” made the mom break down in tears. Sheletta instantly called for her husband to come and see for himself. She then chose to record the incident.

She says that it took her and her family six months to teach him the letter A. Sheletta was telling reporters that he was able to listen and absorb the sounds of the music and recall them. She couldn’t believe that after spending money on therapists and doctors and supplements that the breakthrough came about through a popular song.

Currently, Brundidge is working Daniel’s therapists to understand why he had such a remarkable response t the tune. However, they hope to find other songs that may possibly help as well.

Saturday, Lil Nas X was able to perform the song alongside Billy Ray Cyrus and Keith Urban at the CMA Fest. Nas sent out a tweet on young Daniel saying, ” what a king.”