Mario Batali Facing Sexual Harassment Charges

Mario Batali is making headlines, and it is not for anything positive. Unfortunately, it deals with a case of sexual assault. On Friday, the famous chef will receive his arraignment while in a courthouse in Boston.

According to reports from the New York Time, Batali is accused of groping and kissing a restaurateur in 2017. He is facing a charge of indecent assault and battery charge. There have been numerous women to come forward accusing Mario of sexual assault.

However, even with the many women pointing their fingers at Batali as the offender, he continues to deny all claims of sexual assault against him. Due to not enough evidence, three cases out of Manhattan have been dropped.

Those working for the New York Police Department had to drop the cases against Mario. There was not enough evidence to push the chargers any further. There have been three other women who claim that while working at his restaurants, they were assaulted. One of the women says that incident involving her and Mario occurred almost a decade ago.

Mario Batali Going To Court On Friday Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Batali does face a lawsuit against him for sexual assault. The charges come from Natali Tene, a woman who claims that while at a Boston Bar, Mario groped her and kissed her without her consent.

Last year, a plethora of woman came forward, calling out numerous food service honchos for sexual harassment. John Besh, restaurateur Charlie Hallowell, and Ken Friedman, co-owner of the Spotted Pig in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood are just a few. Batali owns part of the Spotted Pig. Unfortunately, he is facing allegations of sexual assault to women while working at the restaurant. After the claims found their way to the media, all four men no longer work at their venues. Not only did Batali sell his stakes in 16 restaurants, but he also cut all ties with his show “The Chew” two years ago. The show was a favorite for many, with a seven-year run on ABC.