Hershey Chocolates Unveils New Bar

Hershey Chocolates has been a staple treat for more than a century. They have come up with a chocolate bar that is very modern and innovative.

Instead of their recognizable logo being on the bars, they will now have etchings of 25 popular emojis on to the bite-size rectangles that make up the bar. Hershey’s will incorporate familiar emojis such as the smiley face, the ghost emoji, the fist pound, and many more characters.

The redesign will be the first time that the company has made any structural changes to their milk chocolate bar since first hitting stores back in 1900. However, the new changes will not be permanent. The new bars will be available for a limited time starting this summer. According to a statement from the company, there will be about 25 million standard and snack size emoji candy bars.
In a press release from Kriston Ohm, senior manager of Hershey’s, they are looking forward to releasing the new Hershey Bars. She goes on to say that look forward to seeing chocolate lovers, young and old, coming together, enjoying the new but not new treat.

Hershey Chocolates Changing Design Of Bars

According to the company, they chose each emoji as a means to spark conversations. Consumers will be able to purchase them in standard size and snack size only. The bars will also come in six unique packages.

Hershey has not made many changes to their chocolate over the years, but there have been new bars to come out. In 2017, they began selling their Hershey’s Gold bar. The bar is carmelized cream with peanut and pretzels throughout the confection. It was that first candy bar from Hershey that did not include chocolate.

In 1995 the company began selling their Cookies ‘n Creme bars. Hershey’s Special dark came about in 1939.