Neck Popping Leads To Stroke

A man who was suffering from a sore neck went to stretch it out, hoping to feel better. Unfortunately, after popping his neck, a numbing sensation took over the whole left side of his body.

While walking towards the kitchen for an ice pack, he couldn’t walk a straight path. In a report to news outlets, he was saying that he was walking at an almost 45-degree angle. Josh Hader, 28, from Guthrie, Oklahoma, was going through a severe stroke.

According to Dr. Vance McCollum, a doctor at Mercy Hospital says that though the stroke could have been worse, it was life-changing nevertheless. The doctor says when Josh popped his neck, he accidentally tore arteries between the bone and the neck. It was right at the point where the neck connects to the skull right at the base of the brain. The bisection came about from how he twisted his neck.

Not long after the incident, he and his father-in-law were on their way to the ER. While there, health care workers were quick to administer TPA, which helps to break up clots, to Josh. Afterward, an ambulance came to transfer him to a larger Mercy Health hospital where he was in intensive care for four days.

Stretching Out Neck Leads To Man Having Serious Stroke

McCollum says that Joh was suffering from numbness, weakness, double vision. The young man kept falling while trying to walk. Dr. McCollum was able to see in an arteriogram, the artery that was causing the stroke.

Since the incident, Josh is now able to live an independent life. He says that he can walk without a walker or cane. However, he does become tired faster than before the incident. According to Josh, he doesn’t have as much control of his left side like before, and he doesn’t feel sharp pain or hot/cold on his right side.