Middle School Football Star Dies At Party

The dreams of a middle school football player came to a tragic end after a stray bullet took his life this past weekend. He was already receiving recognition in the sports world before his death.

Fourteen-year-old Jaylon McKenzie from East St. Louis, Illinois was a student at Marson Clark Middle School. Late Saturday night, he was attending a party in Venice, Illinois, where it all began.

She was telling reporters about how promising his future was, and the shooting was senseless.

According to Sukeena Gunner, the mother of the middle schooler, a fight broke out at the party. Not too long after, people began shooting. While fleeing from the scene, a stray bullet struck, killing her son.

Middle School Student With Bright Future In Sports Dies From Stray Bullet

According to statements from the Illinois State Police, there was a call into the station at around 11:40 p.m. claiming that several people had been shot during a party. First responders aw that McKenzie and an unidentified 15-year-old girl were in need of medical care immediately.

During a press release, the department was saying that officers were doing their best while on the scene. They were quick when it came to administering life-saving measures for both victims. After no change, ambulaces were able to transport the two to the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately, McKenzie did not survive. The other young teen is in critical condition.

Though McKenzie was in middle school, he was already a star in his town. The young athlete was even able to catch the attention of the sports world. There was an article in Sports Illustrated magazine in November 2018 that was highlighting six promising teenagers. The publication was predicting a bright future for McKenzie.

McKenzie was able to play as running back, wide receiver and defensive back. He had dreams of playing for the NFL. He was following in the footsteps of Adoree’ Jackson, a player for the Tennessee Titans who is from the same city as McKenzie.