King Of Thailand Marries Latest Consort

Things are looking up for the king of Thailand as he settles into his new marriage. All of Thailand stands behind him and looks forward to their new king. King Maha Vajirolongkorn, who is 66, chose to marry is his consort three days before his coronation this coming Saturday. His consort is General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya. She is a former flight attendant who was also a commander of his bodyguard unit.

The announcement came from the Royal Gazette on Wednesday. The news was a surprise for everyone in the nation. As of Wednesday, her new title is Queen Suthida. The marriage is 100% legal.

Footage of the ceremony held on Wednesday is circling social media. The nightly Royal News were the ones to broadcast the segment on Thai TV. Reuters was one of the first to comment on the story.

For three years the new queen has been in the public eye. However, there is not a lot of info out about the mystery woman. According to reports, she is 40-years-old. Also, she had a job as a flight attendant for those at Thai Airways International.

During 2014, she became a palace guard. Three years later she became the deputy commander of the king’s personal guard. She did so well at her job, empressing the king. In 2016, he was able to become the full general in the Royal Thai Army.

King Of Thailand Marries Consort Three Day Before His Coronation

Reuters was saying in their report that people were speculating that there was a romantic relationship going on between the king and his consort for some time. However, there was never any information from the palace on the two’s relationship.

The new leader, who as goes by King Rama X, has been king since 2016. He was the successor of his father who was king before his untimely death in 2016.

He will officially receive his crown this upcoming Saturday. The ceremony will include a Buddhist and Brahmin section. On Sunday the procession will continue.

The current king of Thailand has been married five times.