John Singleton Passes Away At 51

John Singleton, an Oscar-nominated writer, and director passed away at the age of 51 on Monday. Singleton’s family was able to confirm on Monday that he “passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends.”

In a statement from the family, they were all thanking the doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for all of the help. Also, they were thanking John’s fans, friends and colleagues for all of the love and support they were showing.

Monday morning, the family of John Singleton made the announcement that they were going to remove him from life support. The decision came about after counseling with the doctors for days.

Twelve days before his death, John Singleton was in a coma after suffering from a stroke. There were few details available on his condition at the time.

Famed Writer and Director John Singleton Passes Away After Suffering A Stroke and Being In A Coma For 12 Days

In 1992, John Singleton was able to receive nominations for both Best Original Screenplay and Best Director for “Boyz N the Hood. He was able to write and direct while fresh out of University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. While at the age of 24, Singleton became not only the youngest but the first black director to receive an Oscar nomination.

“Boyz N the Hood” starred Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ice Cube, and its basis was of Singleton’s on upbringing in South Central Los Angles. The film did well critically and commercially. During the Cannes Film Festival, the movie was able to receive a 20-minute standing ovation.

Other works of his include “Poetic Justice” which had stars such as Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shukar. Also, “Baby Boy,” a remake of the film “Shaft” and “2 Fast 2 Furious.”

Singleton leaves behind five children from two previous marriages. Away from directing movies, Singleton was also the director for Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time,” music video.