Walgreens Changes Minimum Age To By Tobacco

The conversation of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco has been going for some time now. Different states and cities all around the U.S have spoken about it at some point. However not many have gone as far as Walgreens is going.

Earlier this year, Walgreens was receiving heavy criticism from the FDA. The reason for the objection was because they were selling tobacco products to minors. However, they now will only sell tobacco products to those 21 years old and older.

There is still some time before the initiative goes in to effect. ON Tuesday, reps from Walgreens made the announcement that the chain will begin selling tobacco to those 21 and up on Sept 1. They are doing as a means to stop the youth from having easy access to tobacco products.

Walgreens Raising Minimum Age To 21 To Purchase Tobacco

According to Richard Ashworth, the President of Operations at Walgreens, they have seen positive results from others doing the same. The company believes that by raising the age, it helps reduce the use of tobacco products by minors and young adults. He goes on to say that they will continue with the efforts to help those who are looking to quit using tobacco as well. They are continuing to train and certify pharmacists and technicians for these roles.

Back in March, Scott Gottlieb, a commissioner for the FDA had some pretty strong allegations against Walgreens. He was saying that the company is one of the top drugstores that sell tobacco products to minors. Inspectors were able to find at least 1,800 instances of the company violating the tobacco law since 2010.

According to reports from Walgreens, their new policy will go hand in hand with states who are trying to restrict the age of tobacco sales to 21 and older.