Baby Boy In Texas Born With Rare Disease

A baby boy was born in Texas without skin back in January. His parents hope that specialists in Houston will be able to help the fragile son. Within the past three months, his mother has only been able to hold her precious baby boy twice.

On January 1, baby Ja’bari was born weighing 3 pounds and without skin. However, he does have skin on his head and his legs. According to his parents, Priscilla and Marvin Gray, the pregnancy was going regularly until around 37 weeks. Doctors were able to see that the baby wasn’t gaining weight at the same rate as before. Also, their baby boy was having other problems, so he chose to go ahead with an emergency cesarean section.

Baby Boy Born In Texas Without Skin

According to reports from the San Antonio Express-News, doctors were first able to diagnose the baby with aplasia cutis. Aplasia cutis is a rare skin condition that leaves children being born without skin.

However, last week, 3-month-old Ja’bari was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. There, specialists were able to diagnose the baby boy with epidermolysis bullosa. Epidermolysis bullosa is an incurable genetic disease that causes blisters to form on the skin. The condition can also affect the mouth, lungs, esophagus, eyes, nails, muscles, and teeth. In the U.S., the disease impacts the lives of 20 newborns out of 1 million live births.

The couple is currently in the process of undergoing genetic testing due to the disease being genetic.

As of now, the infant eats through a feeding tube in his nose and undergoes constant dressing changes. He currently weighs 8 pounds. Ja’bari was also born with his chin fused to his chest. Also, his eyes, toes, and fingers are fused and shut. He is currently in need of surgery to his airway in efforts for him to breath on his own.

His parents have a GoFundme account in place to pay for his surgery and other medical needs.