For Sale: The National Enquirer

American Media Inc. is selling it’s most popular publication: the National Enquirer.

The company’s board confirmed that it is “exploring strategic options” for the National Enquirer and two other tabloids in a statement Wednesday.

The New York Times reported that officials of the Enquirer were negotiating with billionaire Ron Burkle on Thursday. He’s friends with the former president, Bill Clinton, which leads to questions about the Enquirer’s relationship with President Trump and Burkle’s possible motivations in buying the tabloid.

Two sources confirm to The Post that Burkle and the Enquirer have been talking about a possible deal.

In 2016, the Enquirer’s stories about the presidential election flew mostly under the radar of mainstream media outlets. It gained popularity primarily due to Trump’s mentions of them on the campaign trail.

People know the Enquirer for the information that it doesn’t print but instead holds. The Enquirer keeps a safe in its offices, which includes information about celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump.

The agreement between the tabloid and former Playboy model Karen McDougal is also within the safe. The deal is when the Enquirer was paying McDougal to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

Any potential buyer of the Enquirer would also receive all the tabloid’s reporting material, as well as its archive, which contains famous images such as Elvis Pressley’s corpse in his coffin.

AMI’s chief content officer, Dylan Howard, has landed in legal jeopardy due to the tabloids catch and kill tactics. The tactic is when a source is paid for exclusive rights to a story. However, no one publishes the article.