Nipsey Hussle Tribute At Lakers Game

Rapper Nipsey Hussle has been in the news a lot after his death from gunshot wounds this past Sunday. People all over have been showing their love and condolences for the young rapper and his family. All-star Laker LeBron James was sure to show his love as well.

On Thursday night, LeBron and the Los Angles Lakers held a moment of silence for the rapper who tragically lost his life in front of his own clothing store. LeBron was the Staples Center in support of his team even though he is currently in the offseason. However, he was wearing a shirt adorned with the face of Nipsey Hussle.

Sadly, the day of Nipsey’s death, LeBron went on to his Instagram page to share a message with about the incident.

LeBron James Wears Shirt As Tribute To Late The Late Nipsey Hussle

However, in the post, he was saying that he and rapper had spoken to each other not that long ago. He goes on to say that he was telling him proud he was of his friend. Also, that he was going to have Nipsey at his Laker games next season. According to LeBron, and many other fans, Nipsey was a stand-up man and may he rest in paradise.

Nipsey was from the LA. Before his passing, he would often sit courtside at the Lakers games.

The Lakers were playing against the Golden State Warriors. Before the game began, there was touching tribute made in his name.

“Entrepreneur, rapper, and community activist Nipsey Hussle tragically passed away at the age of 33,” the announcer told the crowd. “From his work within local schools, creating business in LA, and promoting better life choices, Nipsey had a lasting impact on bettering our entire Los Angeles community. Please join the Warriors, the Lakers, and the entire NBA family in a moment of silence for the late Nipsey Hussle.”