‘Mom Instinct’ Saves Son in Cougar Attack

When a cougar mauled her 7-year-old son in their backyard, a Canadian mother said her “mom instinct” took over.

At their home in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, Chelsea Lockhart was doing household chores before hearing a scuffle outside. She found her son, Zachery, fighting for his life upon investigation.

She told CTV on Tuesday that when she ran downstairs and towards his voice, she saw an animal on her child. The cougar was latching to his arm. This was when she experienced her mom instinct. “I jumped on it and tried to pry its mouth open,” she told reporters.

She managed to pry the cougar off the boy by fish-hooking it in the mouth. However, she doesn’t know where she gained the strength.

Lockhart told reporters that when she looked at her son, she feared that he could die right before her eyes. She thought to herself, “What can I do? What can I do in my own physical strength?”

Mom Finds Super Strength to Save Son

Zachery survived the attack with only a slash on his head and a few cuts on his neck and arms.

She stated that she started praying in tongues when she knew that her own power and strength wouldn’t be enough. Three sentences into begging, the cougar released Zachery and ran away.

Zachery’s mom said that doctors expect him to make a full recovery, and is resting at his Grandma’s house, where he’s having some one-on-one time. His stitches are healing, and he’s on his way to being fully recovered.

British Columbia Conservation Officer Service Oficial’s said they found two juvenile male cougars about 20 yards away from the family’s home, hungry and looking for food

The animals were euthanized after the attack, stated Scott Norris, the sergeant with British Columbia Conservation Officer Service.

Norris told ABC News on Tuesday that the mom saw the cougar on top of her son and sprang into action. “She yanked the cougar off her child,” he said.

Although there have been several cougar attacks over the past few years in Vancouver Island, they are a “rare occurrence” according to Norris.