Wendy Williams Speaks On Living At Sober House

When it comes to Wendy Williams and her career, people know her for talking the talk and walking the walk. However, viewers were in shock to learn on Tuesday that the daytime talk show host currently lives in a sober house.

When it comes to her past struggles with cocaine use, 54-year-old Williams has always been open about her struggles. According to Wendy, while she was radio hosting, she considered her self to be a function cocaine addict. She says that there were times where she would be out parting all night.

While on her show, she broke into tears before explaining that her family foundation had created a substance abuse hotline. She goes on to let everyone know that for some time she has been living in a sober house.

During her talk show, though she did not mention if she was in the house for cocaine addiction, she did say that she has a 24-hour sober coach. Also, after work, she goes and does pilates for two hours as well as attends meetings throughout the state.

Wendy Williams Candidly Speaks On Her Sobriety And Living In A Sober House

Wendy went on to say that during her meetings, no one acknowledges that she is a famous talk show host. She says that they are all brother and sisters finding their way through the struggle of addiction.

According to Williams, on her husband, Kevin Hunter, and their son knew that she was going through treatment. She chose not to disclose the information with no one else close to her.

However, though she tries to remain glamorous for the camera, she says that there is nothing exciting about her living situation. She says that they lock the doors and turn off all lights by ten at night. During that time, she says she goes to her room and stares at the ceiling until she falls asleep.