Cotton Swab Leads To Seziures In One Man

Who knew that something as simple inserting a cotton swab into your could lead to a brain infection. Well, one man found out the hard way. A 31-year-old man from England was cleaning his ears with a cotton swab and developed a brain infection.

According to reports, the life-threatening bacterial infection came about after the cotton swab he was using became lodged in his ear canal. He began to experience seizures and rand bouts of falling, so an ambulance was called.

The infection began in the ear canal and made its way into the bone at the base of the man’s skull. The infection’s final destination was the lining of his brain. Unfortunately, the infection was able to effect his ear, nose, and throat. He also is having signs of neurological issues.

Cotton Swab In Man’s Ear For Five Years Causes Him To Have Seizures And Memory Loss

While at the hospital, he was telling doctors that he had begun experiencing pan and discharge from his ear. He says that the pain from the headaches was so severe that he would vomit. Also, he was having a hard time remembering anyone’s name.

However, all of this has been going on for five years. He has been experiencing hearing loss and severe ear infections in the ear with the cotton swab.

According to Dr. Alexander Charlton, he was suspecting that those seizures were coming about due to toxins from the infection. If not the toxins, the pressure that was on the brain from the initial infection.

After receiving a CT scan, doctors were able to see two abscesses in the man’s skull. Both of the abscesses were adjacent to the man’s left ear canal.

The man’s final diagnosis was necrotizing otitis externa which is an infection in the soft tissue of the ear.

He was able to receive minor surgery and doctors were able to find the cotton swab tip and remove it from his ear canal. According to the doctors, there was a lot of wax and debris surrounded by the cotton swab.

The man had to endure two months of intravenous and oral antibiotics. He now no longer has hearing issues or problems thinking. Dr. Charlton wants for people to remember that cotton swabs do not belong in the inner ear, but are there to help clean the outer part of the ear.