Left Ankle Injury Leaves Ball Out For Season

The Lakers seem to be run into bad luck after bad luck when it comes to playing time this season. Not only is Bradon Ingram missing the rest of the season who plays Forward. Lonzo Ball will be out as well with left ankle injur.

After an evaluation from doctors in regards to his left ankle, the team had no choice but to bench him for the remainder for the season.

Left Ankle Injury Leaves Lonzo Ball Out Of 2019 NBA Season

Ball hasn’t been playing since Jan 19. Due to his left ankle injury. Doctors were giving him a four-to-six window to come back and play; however, the day was continuously being pushed back. Now, the window for him to play is completely closed.

Ball has been out since Jan. 19 with a left ankle injury. He was previously given a four-to-six week window to return, but that target date has been pushed back repeatedly. Now, it has been pushed past the end of the season.

With how the season has been playing out, it’s hard to see it becoming worse.

Ball’s ankle injury was the icing on the cake. James is out due to a grown injury and will not be on the court for 17 games.

Though Ball wasn’t quite the star on the team when it came to stats, he was averaging 9.9 points, 5.4 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game while shooting 406 from the field.

With ball out with a left ankle injury, that leaves Rajon Rondo as a point guard. He will be the one running the show. Ball’s entire year is gone. It’s is now up in the air if he will return next year. The team may have to begin looking for two more stars to team up with James on the side.