Botswana To Lift Elephant Hunting Ban

Botswana is home to the worlds largest elephant population. However, officials are looking into lifting the ban on wildlife hunting in the country.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi made it a take for the government’s subcommittee to review the laws on trophy hunting. The rules have been in place since 2014. The ban was prohibiting the trophy hunting of elephants in public areas.

The minister of local government and rural development say that they have come to a decision. The group will allow for regular elephant culling. However, there are limitations. They recommend for companies to start canning the meat of elephants for pet food and other products.

Botswana Will Allow Elephant In The Country

Doing so has a lot of experts on edge as the country was a safe haven for the animals. With that in mind, the move will only be temporary. There are supporters of the ban, though. They believe that lifting the ban will benefit Botswana. However, some fear that the new law may work too well and put elephants and people in danger.

According to Elephants Without Borders, a conservation nonprofit, there are people who worry that the number of elephants has become too high. With that being said, there is not enough environment to sustain them. They also worry about an increase in human-elephant conflict. In the past 20 years, the number of elephants in Botswana has gone up 53%. However, the increase has also become a cause of concern for biodiversity.

Officials in the country say the number of elephants has impoverished communities in Botswana. Citizens in rural areas aren’t as friendly to the pachyderms as they once were. The animals have also been eating people’s crops. Doing so makes it so that people can’t feed their families. As of now, it’s hard to tally how many elephants currently reside in the country. Officials believe there are 23,000. However, in 2016, the African Elephant Status Report had the number closer to being 100,000.