Walmart Greeter Losing Job Over Disability

Adam Catlin is well known in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania as a Walmart greeter. He has been doing a fantastic job for the last decade.

However, Caitlin has cerebral palsy. He is afraid that he will no longer have a job after receiving news that his job description was changing. The new position will add task physically impossible for a man with cerebral palsy to do.
30-year-old Caitlin says that he was in shock over the changes. However, he never saw the changes coming.
However, Caitlin family is upset over the situation as well. They believe that Walmart is acting heartlessly to a worker who gives them nothing but determination.

However, Walmart wants to keep him on the job. Caitlin has been a traditional people greeter for the past ten years. He became one after graduating high school. The role of the Walmart host has been changing since 2016. Not only do they greet incoming and outgoing customers, but have a plethora of duties. They now help customers with returns, check receipts, and help keep the front of the store clean.

Walmart Greeter No Longer Able To Work At The Store

Dut to being blind, Caitlin uses a walker. According to the store manager, this upcoming April, he will need to be able to lift at least 25 pounds to keep his position. That’s not all. He will also have to be able to stand for long periods of time as well as read receipt orders. However, due to his cerebral palsy, he won’t be able too.

Holly Caitlin, Adam’s mother, was the first to go public about her son’s situation. She made a post about the situation on her Facebook page. People have been sharing her post around the world. Strangers a long time customers have been expressing their outrage.

However, Adam isn’t the first greeter for Walmart who has been on the losing end of the stick when it comes to keeping their position
Back in 2016, Danny Ockenhouse, who utilizes a wheelchair was no longer able to work as a greeter in Pennsylvania. Due to not being able to keep up with the new physical demands of his job, he no longer has one.