Sex Acts For Pain Meds? Doctor Facing Prison

Doctors nowadays are going to prison left and right, each time for something different. Well this time around, a doctor is going down for sexual advances on women. According to the Department of Justice North Carolina doctors is on his way behind bars for prescribing pain medication to a woman for sex acts.

65-year-old Michael Alson Smith, MD. is facing 36 months in the big house. He pleaded guilty to drug distribution, health care fraud as well as identity theft charges.

After his release, Smith will have to complete two years of supervision as well as pay a restitution fee od $3,562.29. St6ories such as these tend to make the public wary about their health care when it comes to primary care physicians.

Doctor Caught Prescribing Pain Medication To Women In Exchange For Sex Acts

There was an admittance from the former doctor. He says that it is true that he gave a female patient pain medication in 2018 for sexual acts. After the refusal from one female patient, he threatened that he would not treat her. According to court documents, Smith was soliciting female patent from January 2017 to October 2017. He was choosing a patient requiring treatment for management. However, he was also soliciting those with substance abuse problems. His advances were going on for months.

For performing the acts, Smith would prescribe them women strong drugs such as Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances. Some of the medicine include Percocet and Clonazepam (also known as Klonopin)

Smith was the owner and operator of Mt. Holly Family Practice, Inc. There are at least seven counts of sexual act on his record. Operating a family medicine practice was’this only venture. He was treating patients at an office-based opioid treatment program. There, he was helping those pain management and substance abuse issues.