Syracuse Coach Kills Man Walking Down Highway

Longtime head coach of the Syracuse University men’s basketball team Joe Boeheim is in hot water. He hit and killed a pedestrian on Wednesday who was walking alongside Interstate 690 in upstate New York. The news comes from a statement from the NY police.

Syracuse police were able to send out a statement on the incident. According to officials, a 51-year-old man walking on the side of the highway. The reason he was there was that he lost control of his vehicle and hit a guard rail.

74-year-old Boeheim was driving and was able to nice the vehicle in the middle of the road. He was trying to move out of the way of the car before hitting the man. Luckily, police were on the scene after hearing of the incident at around 11:22 p.m. Though they were able to get the man to a hospital, he did not make it out alive.

Syracuse Head Coach Kills Pedestrian Walking On Highway

Boeheim made a statement on the incident. He was extending his deepest sympathies to the family of the man.
According to the Syracuse coach, he is heartbroken of the death of a member of their community. However, though many are poking and prodding him for questions, he will not answer any out of respect for the family. According to officials on the scene, Boeheim and the driver of the other vehicle did not leave the scene. Also, they were both cooperating with the investigation.

After taking a field sobriety test, it showed that neither of the drivers was under the influence at the time. The director of athletics at Syracuse, John Wildhack, says that Coach Boeheim was in contact with the local authorities. Also, that he was doing his best to cooperate with the officials.

Since 1976, Boeheim has been the head coach for players at Syracuse. However, He was able to take the team to the NCAA tournament 32 times.