Former Colorado Wide Reciever Dies In Shootout

Anthony “T.J” Cunningham, former Colorado wide receiver and defensive back was shot and killed on Sunday after a dispute with his neighbor. According to the Denver Post, they were arguing over a parking spot.

Reports say that police were on the scene after notification of a shooting occurring near Eaglecrest High School and Thunder Ridge Middle School on Sunday. They found Cunningham on the ground. He was shot multiple times.

An ambulance was able to transport Cunnigham to a local hospital. However, he died at the age of 46 Monday afternoon. Police were able to apprehend 31-year-old Marcus Johnson. According to the Denver Post, he is currently under arrest on first-degree murder charges.

Johnson was saying that the former Colorado football player had attacked him earlier in the day. The two met near the high school to settle their beef over a parking spot. According to sources, the two had been feuding for some time now.

Former Colorado Football Player Dies From Gunshot Wounds

From 1992-1995 Cunningham played at Colorado. On record, for the team, he has 239 yards on 21 receptions while playing wide receiver. In 1996, the Seattle Seahawks chose him for their team during the sixth round of the NFL draft. However, due to injuries, he was only able to play in nine games. Before his death, he was working as an assistant principal at Hinkley High School in Aurora.

In a statement from Colorado athletic director Rick George, the school is reeling over the death of T.J. Cunningham. He goes on to say that Cunningham was a good family man and that he had a strong passion for educating you people. According to George, he was a excellent alum, an active alum, and took great pride in being a Colorado Buffalo.

Rick George was able to finish the statement by saying that he and the district’s hearts go out to the family of Cunningham.