Black Ink Crew: Chicago Viewers Not Too Happy

Rachel Leigh, Girlfriend and actress of Ryan Henry on Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back on the show. Unfortunately, viewers aren’t happy about it.

So far this fifth season, Leigh hasn’t made an appearance on the VH1 series. She and Ryan chose to call it quits while the show was in between season. The couple was doing well the previous season. However, Henry revealed that after cheating on Leigh with his former employee Katrina ‘Kat’ Jackson, there were trust issues.

Henry and Leigh have been an off and off item for years. The two first began dating while in high school. Though Henry says he’s tried to make the relationship work, Leigh wasn’t able to get over his cheating ways. The Two have an 11-year-old son together.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Cast Mate Rachel Leigh To Return

During an episode of the fifth season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Henry went into detail about their relationship. He was saying that he was trying his hardest to make their relationship work. However, due to toxic issues, the couple were both suffering in the end.

It seems that the two have been able to make something work when it comes to their relationship because the couple is back together. On January 6, Rachel Leigh posted a picture of her and Ryan Henry. Also, the producers of the Black Ink franchise have revealed that Leigh will be coming to the show this season.

However, there seems to be only one fan looking forward to Leigh’s return. One person posted a comment saying that they love Rachel and that she is her favorite girl. Others were commenting that they aren’t happy to see her return. One commenter was saying that we don’t want her. Another was saying that there was enough Chicago Rejects on the show. Black Ink Crew: Chicago returns to screens Wednesday, Feb. 20.