Chuck E Cheese’s Odd Shaped Pizza Mystery

Rumors are going around that Chuck E. Cheese’s might be harboring a huge secret when it comes to their pizza. Shane Dawson, a popular YouTuber added to a conspiracy theory that has been going on for some time about misshapen pizzas at the restaurant.

People have been uploading photos on to Yelp, Instagram, and TripAdvisor that show the crusts on Chuck E Cheese’s pizza slices not lining up. Dawson chose to do research and look into the phenomenon. In one of his videos, he speaks on how he first noticed the pizzas were off when he about 8-years-old. He didn’t understand why all of the pieces were different.

Mystery Behind Chuck E. Cheese’s Oddly Shaped Pizzas

On Google, he was able to find two Yahoo! answer threads that were ten years old speaking on the situation. Different customers were saying that they believe the restaurant was recycling pizza slices from people who didn’t eat their whole pizza. Dawson was strongly suggested in his video that Chuck E. Cheese’s employees may be reheating old, leftover slices. Then, the employes would use them to form new pizzas. However, there is no evidence proving his theory to be true.

In his video, he later asks is it just a theory, and would he possibly be sued for suggesting they use old pizzas to make new pizzas.

The parent company for Chuck E. Cheese’s, CEC Entertainment. Inc. has not made any mentions of suing the young YouTube star. However, they did choose to respond to the accusation on Tuesday. Dawson’s video has over 14 million views, possibly more since the writing of this article.

In their statement, they say that the claims made his Dawson video are unequivocally false when it comes to their pizza. They say that there are no conspiracies, their pizzas are all made to order. Also, they prepare their fresh dough inside of their restaurant. With that in mind, though their pizzas may not always come out in perfect uniform, they are always tasty.