$88.7 Million Goes Into LeBron James Account

When it comes to playing for the NBA, it’s not all about being on the court. It is also about the check. It must feel amazing to be one of the highest earning players in the NBA, which title belongs to Lebron James. $88.7 million a year would make any of us non-players happy. Forbes was able to recently publish their list of the highest earning players in the NBA. With that in mind, there is much to be said about being number one.

People play for years and only end up with maybe $10 million at most, but $88.7 million? The list includes ten players. Not only does it list their salary, but also how much they make with their many endorsement deals. Reading the list may make you want to bring out your gym shoes, and head to the court yourself.

$88.7 Million For Playing and Endorsements For LeBron James

So, as previously stated, LeBron James is in the lead when it comes to earnings at $88.7 million. With Lakers, He makes $35.7 million. However, he was able to pick up $53 million in endorsements. He’s leaving all competitors in the dust when it comes to endorsement sales.

In second, is Steph Curry. His season high was $37.5 million. He was able to pull in $42 million in endorsements alone. Altogether, Steph is worth around $79.5 million. The other top five earning players on the list were Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. Notable players on the list are Chris Paul, Giannis Antetokounmp, Damian Lillard, and Blake Griffin.

The top ten players on the Forbes list are looking to make $540 million this season in total. For us poor folks, reading the list won’t make us any happier or our bank accounts any fatter. Either, the players deserve their money because they are all all-stars doing it for their fans!