Bootleg Liquor In India, Whos’s Selling It?

There have been over 100 deaths have occurred in India after drinking bootleg alcohol that was laced then methanol. Methanol is a substance that is toxic and commonly sued as anti-freeze.

According to officials, within the last four days, there have been 69 deaths due to illicit alcohol use. Officials say that many of the victims were complaining about od respiratory problems and stomach pains before their deaths.
Superintendent of police Janmaijai Prabhakar says that there have been 36 casualties and there are 18 people undergoing treatment in Haridwar.

Police officers were able to apprehend four people in connection bootleg alcohol deaths.

According to the Indian Express, over 3,000 people have been arrested. Due to a two-day campaign in Uttar Pradesh, officials have been able to seize over 79,000 liters of bootleg alcohol.

Bootleg Liquor In India Is The Cause Of Death For Many In The Nation

Dharam Singh lost his brother due to drinking bootleg alcohol. Four of his relatives are in the hospital after ingesting the illegal substance. He says he knows of 4 to 5 people in his village that are selling the liquor. They consider the situation to be an open secret. Dharam says that on Thursday someone sold his family members some of the bootleg liquor.

When it comes to hooch or country liquor, people purchase it because poor people don’t have enough money for licensed brands. Back in 2011 there 172 deaths in West Benegal due to bootleg liquor sales. The cause of death after receiving postmortem reports suggests that the methanol was causing cardiac and respiratory failure.

Illicit liquor often has chemicals such as pesticides in them to increase the strength of the liquor. The beverages are highly profitable in the country because no one is paying taxes on the alcohol. Also, they are able to sell large amounts of their products to poor people at cheap prices.